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Special outing at St. Georges Golf & Country Club. SoHG member Richard Schmidt has arranged a special late-September outing for SoHG members at St. Georges, with an optional day at the Tillinghast-designed Southward Ho Golf Club. Check the Tournament Schedule under September for information.

Lionel Freedman, founder of the World Hickory Open, has passed away at 83. See the story below or on the Press Room page.

Membership renewals for many members came due Dec. 31. Check the News section below for information on how to renew.

We are always trying to update and improve the website. Let us know what you'd like to see, or of improvements we can make. Keep an eye on the Press Room for hickory related news. To that end, has a story been published on hickory golf in your area? Send us the link. Also videos, stories... anything on hickory golf. We're happy to share.

Have your posted your latest scores?  – It's important that you keep an accurate and up-to-date posting of your hickory golf scores. Log in and check your scores to see that they are current. You should have, at the minimum, five scores posted for casual as well as tournament rounds, especially if you wish to play in Championship Series events and earn CS points.

The USHO comes to Del Monte Golf Club, July 10-12, 2017. Mark your calendars now for Monterey, Calif. and the world's No. 1 hickory tournament.

As always, please send your letters, comments, photos, and articles for Wee Nip contributions to Jim Davis. Welcome New Members! The following highly intelligent and perceptive hickory golfers have joined the SoHG since April. Thanks one and all for your support of the SoHG and its commitment to grow the game. We will try to post new names monthly in this space. David Atkinson   Walter Bankowski   Bruce Beaudoin   Jacob Bengtson   Steve Braun   Byron Brown   Sean Brushett   James Bucher   George Burgland   Brian Carroll   John Cova   Raymond Elliott   Thomas Fischer   Peter Flanigan   Peter Flory   Michel Gibson   Steven Haigler   Jerry Hawkins   Tad Herold   Jani Hietanen   James Jeselnick   Daniel Kaufmann Pat Kurz   John Larkin   David Lewis   Sam Maynard   Jim Maynard   Scott McAllister   Matthew McCarthy   Jack McDonnell   Joseph Mentz   Rick Meyer   Edward Miller   Scott Nishioki   Robert Pecor   Joseph Poirier   Joseph Pringle   Raymond Raccuglia   Randy Roberts   Eric Rodts   Michael Severson   Jeff Shafer   Steve Simer   Brian Smith   Robb Stuart   Glenn Thatcher   Tom Tracy   Bill Tucholski   Bo Turocy   Mina Ubbing   Steve Viskochil   Andrew J Von Lossow   Brian Weis   Ken Whitley   Gregg Whitley   Mark Wille   Larry Woods

2017 Member Renewals… and Beyond

Membership renewals are now due for most of us and there have been a few changes with our new website that have made things easier to manage. For one thing, we can now manage our own passwords. As well, the website will notify us two weeks in advance of our membership expiration date. For those who fail to heed this dire cautionary note […]

CHGA Mourns Loss of a Family Member

Bill Engelson writes: Many of you may not have heard that Evan Mickle, the son of our hickory brother, Jay Mickle, died unexpectedly the day after Christmas. Evan leaves behind his wife, Christy, and two young children, Henry, 4 years old, and Holly who recently turned one. Many of you may not have known Evan, but he is linked to […]

Voting Ends for 2017 Election – Ronco, Billy, Hollerbach Start Terms on Jan. 1

Elections for the 2017 Society of Hickory Golfers Board ended Thursday, Dec. 15, with Ed Ronco, Durel Billy, and Ben Hollerbach elected to three-year terms beginning Jan. 1, 2017. Hugh Cameron, Michael Shiff, Bob Platt, and Scott McAllister also stood for office. We’re grateful to them for running and hope they will try again for the three new board posts […]

Martin Masters Mid Pines for 2016 Championship Series Crown

Beautiful weather was the inducement to great play at the 13th annual Mid Pines Hickory Open in Southern Pines, N.C. Though late in 2016, the event is the season opener for the 2016-17 Championship Series of the Society of Hickory Golfers. Some 89 hickory golfers competed on the wonderful Donald Ross-designed Mid Pines course, a favorite of many of the participants. The competitors […]

Sandy Lyle Adds to ‘Major’ Titles with Another World Hickory Open Victory

World Hickory Open Champion Sandy Lyle is pictured with his trophies at Panmure Golf Club. © Andy Thompson Photography / ATIMAGES Oct. 13, 2016 By Wendy Glass Carnoustie Country After two days of highly-competitive games between many of the world’s top hickory golfers, double Major winner Sandy Lyle has claimed the World Hickory Open Champion title for 2016. “I’m delighted […]

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