River City Hickory Championship
January 11, 2017

Sept. 24 Omaha Country Club Omaha, Neb. The 2017 River City Hickory Championship is played in honor of Johnny Goodman and includes a Nebraska Hickory Hall of Fame Banquet. Last year’s inaugural inductees were Alexander Findlay, Johnny Goodman, and Randy Jensen. This year’s inductees are Dr. Gary Wiren and Sam Reynolds. This is a limited field event of from 20-24 […]

Memories of Lionel Freedman
January 10, 2017

This page has been added to allow members and friends to share photos and memories of Mr. Lionel Freedman. Click here for a post about Lionel written by his daughter, Annetta, to the Edinburgh Evening News. Following are memories shared by Brian Schuman who forged a lasting friendship with Lionel at the World Hickory Open and through subsequent matches between […]

Lionel Freedman, World Hickory Open Founder, 1934-2017
January 9, 2017

Lionel Freedman, Founder of the World Hickory Open, passed away earlier today, Monday, Jan. 9, 2017. He was 83. Mr. Freedman was born in Chiswick, London in 1934. He attended boarding school from 1940–51 and was in National Service from 1952-54. His basic training was in the Suffolks, where he was attached to the 17th Training Regiment of the Royal […]

Louisville Golf Purchased by Texan Jeremy Wright
January 2, 2017

By Jim Davis The Louisville Golf Club Co. of Louisville, Ky. has been purchased by Jeremy Wright, of Houston, Texas. Wright, a medical sales representative, has been negotiating for several months with the estate of Mike Just, the company’s former owner, who passed away in October 2016. The estate, represented by Just’s widow, Lynn, and others weighed offers from several […]

2017 Member Renewals… and Beyond

Membership renewals are now due for most of us and there have been a few changes with our new website that have made things easier to manage. For one thing, we can now manage our own passwords. As well, the website will notify us two weeks in advance of our membership expiration date. For those who fail to heed this dire cautionary note […]

CHGA Mourns Loss of a Family Member
December 30, 2016

Bill Engelson writes: Many of you may not have heard that Evan Mickle, the son of our hickory brother, Jay Mickle, died unexpectedly the day after Christmas. Evan leaves behind his wife, Christy, and two young children, Henry, 4 years old, and Holly who recently turned one. Many of you may not have known Evan, but he is linked to […]

Tom Tracy’s Senior Win at USHO in PNW Golfer Magazine
December 20, 2016

It’s not every hickory win that gets a mention in an established regional golf magazine. So when Tom Tracy, 66, or Star, Idaho, got asked for a couple of words from Pacific Northwest Golfer magazine, he thought it was something special. “They rarely publish any news of hickory golf,” Tracy said, “so this was quite something.” Tracy, by the way, won […]

Voting Ends for 2017 Election – Ronco, Billy, Hollerbach Start Terms on Jan. 1
December 16, 2016

Elections for the 2017 Society of Hickory Golfers Board ended Thursday, Dec. 15, with Ed Ronco, Durel Billy, and Ben Hollerbach elected to three-year terms beginning Jan. 1, 2017. Hugh Cameron, Michael Shiff, Bob Platt, and Scott McAllister also stood for office. We’re grateful to them for running and hope they will try again for the three new board posts […]

Mike Just Memorial Donation and Raffle
November 30, 2016

Mike Just Memorial Donation courtesy of Will Jacoby Will Jacoby, to honor Mike Just, is offering a raffle with 100 percent of proceeds donated to a charity designated by Lynn Just, Mike’s widow. Click on the link below for greater details of the raffle. Raffle items include a set of the last set of irons that Mike created and played; […]

Hickories, History Refreshed at Florida’s Winter Park
November 29, 2016

We just love it when city fathers agree that a historic old golf track must be preserved. Such enlightened thinking is rare these days among city fathers. Thus, when the mindful custodians of what is good and right in Winter Park, Fla. decided that their little municipal course must be saved and renovated, well, the cause of mashie and niblick […]

National Hickory Golf Day
November 19, 2016

May 7 Golf Courses Everywhere Every city, Everywhere North America and abroad National Hickory Day is the second annual event for a yearly homage to hickory golf, designed for the first Sunday in May. The promotion was proposed by SoHG member Durel Billy, who is chairman of the APNational Golf Club in Seattle, Wash. Hickory golfers, regional hickory golf groups, the Golf […]

Whistling Straits Beckons for Kohler Challenge
November 18, 2016

May 12-13 Whistling Straits and Irish Course Kohler, Wisc. Agenda for the Kohler Challenge: Your entry fee includes your greens fee for both Friday on the Straits course and Saturday on the Irish course and your corresponding caddie fee for the Straits course on Friday (caddie is mandatory) and awards. What it does not include is your tip on Friday for the caddie (course […]

2017 Czech Hickory Championship
November 17, 2016

May 20 Golf Club Svratka Svratka, Czech Republic Built in 1932, Svratka Golf Club is celebrating the 85th anniversary of the club and 70th anniversary of the course. Start: 10: a.m. from hole No. 1 or shotgun – depending on the number of players Form of Play: The Championship will be decided by brutto – stroke play – over 18 holes according to the lowest score. In case […]

Martin Masters Mid Pines for 2016 Championship Series Crown
November 7, 2016

Beautiful weather was the inducement to great play at the 13th annual Mid Pines Hickory Open in Southern Pines, N.C. Though late in 2016, the event is the season opener for the 2016-17 Championship Series of the Society of Hickory Golfers. Some 89 hickory golfers competed on the wonderful Donald Ross-designed Mid Pines course, a favorite of many of the participants. The competitors […]

Wee Nip/The Golf Subscriptions for 2018
October 29, 2016

The Spring 2018 will be the last version of the stand-alone Wee Nip. News was just released that the magazine will fold into a new publication called The Golf. That will launch in September 2018. SoHG members will continue to have access to two magazines a year. Beginning with September 2018, our hickory golf news will be carried within The […]

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