Society of Hickory Golfers Board of Directors

Please feel welcome to contact your Board members with questions, ideas and concerns.
All SoHG Board members are required to sign yearly Conflict of Interest statements, which are kept on file with the Secretary.

SoHG Board and Terms of Office

President – Dave Brown, through 2016

Hamp Munsey – through 2016

Barb Kopec – through 2017

Bill “Ernie” Ernst – through 2017

Eddie Breeden – through 2017

Bill Geisler – through 2018

Bill Reed – through 2018

Richard Schmidt – through May 2018

President-Elect – Bill Geisler

Treasurer – Ed Ronco

Membership – Andy Moye

Exec. Secretary – James Davis


Chairpersons Standing Committees

Equipment – Rob Ahlschwede

U.S. Hickory Open – Bill Ernst

SoHG Handicaps – Rick Rechter

Events – Eddie Breeden

Marketing – Matt Dodds

International – Lionel Freedman