Thanks for Supporting the U.S. Hickory Open Raffle!

Dear SoHG Members-

This year’s U.S. Hickory Open will be played July 11-12 in Monterey, California.  As in the past, there will be a raffle to for prizes that range from a full set of Tad Moore OA irons to Louisville Golf and Tad Moore hickory woods, a Steurer & Jacoby Duffle, McIntyre Ouimet Golf Balls, complimentary 2018 Tournament Fees, books, Knicker Dog outfits, and other kinds of clothing.  An unofficial calculation brings the total value of the raffle to more than $7,000!   See the prize list for what's available

All proceeds support the USHO and the SoHG.

As of July 6, tickets may only be purchased at the event in Monterey.  Advance ticket sales are closed.