Hickory Golf Equipment Guidelines

SoHG Equipment Chairperson
Robert Ahlschwedeswedeberger@gmail.com

Traditionalists at heart, the Society of Hickory Golfers cherishes its role in perpetuating the joys of the royal and ancient game as it was once played. Experiencing golf in this historic way alone is more important than trophies and awards, but part of the fun is testing ourselves against others in friendly competitions.

Given the growth of hickory golf and the increasing number of events around the world, it is paramount that competition be conducted on an equitable and fair basis. The equipment guidelines are established to ensure that events can be offered fairly, without questions concerning equipment. These guidelines were developed by balancing input from SoHG members, other hickory players and the original intentions of the Society’s founders.

The SoHG believes that the best way to experience golf as it was played in the wood shaft era is to actually play with original clubs – those that were manufactured and played before the advent of steel shafts. The Society is, however, acutely aware of the increasing difficulty in finding high quality original/antique clubs; therefore, the SoHG also recognizes the positive effect that modern replica clubs have had, and will continue to have in fostering the growth of hickory golf. It is believed replica clubs that have been approved are clubs that replicate as closely as possible the clubs of the wood shafted era. It is the philosophy of the SoHG that replica clubs extend the playing enjoyment to many more hickory enthusiasts and their use should be supported. Therefore, the Society has developed a system for approval of these modern wood shafted clubs.

Whether you choose modern hickory clubs or original clubs, these equipment guidelines are offered in the spirit of good sportsmanship in the hope that modern hickory golfers everywhere can find pleasure in playing the game we all love.

Finally, everything about our endeavor has been in an effort to enthusiastically foster the continued enjoyment of hickory golf. It is as informal guardians of the hickory game that we hope to continue this purpose.

1900-1935 Play (Modern Era)

1860-1900 Play (Gutty Era)