Equipment Guidelines – Review & Approval

The following types of clubs have been approved for SoHG-sanctioned events:

1)  ANTIQUE WOOD SHAFTED CLUBS. This category is for equipment whose club heads were made prior to 1935. Antique clubs may be “updated” for play and a complete list of approved golf club renovations is available on the SoHG website.

2)  MODERN REPLICA WOOD SHAFTED CLUBS.  This category is for equipment made to replicate, as nearly as possible, clubs that were made prior to 1935. A complete list of all clubs that are currently approved in this category is available on the SoHG website.

3)  RETROFITTED CLUBS. This category was created for clubs that were made PRIOR to Dec. 31, 1934. Any wood headed club offered for sale prior to 1935, regardless of shaft material originally installed at time of manufacture may be retrofitted with a wooden shaft and be permitted for play in SoHG-sanctioned events. Players must establish – independently, or through the retro-fitter or seller of these clubs – that the heads were indeed offered before 1935. No golf club made after Jan. 1, 1935 will be allowed in this category. It should be noted that no irons (iron headed clubs) have been approved to be retrofitted with a wood shaft for play.

PLEASE NOTE: Any wood submitted for retrofit approval without documented information via catalogue, patent info or the like will be deemed ineligible for play until such evidence or proof is submitted to the SoHG.

Clubs that fall outside the above-mentioned criteria are not approved for tournament play by the SoHG and are discouraged from being used. Members of the SoHG should verify that their guests, or potential new members, be equipped with clubs that fall into one of the preceding categories.


Request for Review

Should you have a question regarding the eligibility of a club(s), please submit the following information to the chairman of the Equipment Committee. (Please read the complete SoHG Equipment Guideline document – available on our website or directly from any member of the Equipment Committee – prior to submitting any request.)

   1)  To which of the above three equipment categories does your inquiry pertain?

   2)  Describe in detail your question or concern – use separate sheet if desired or necessary.

   3)  Provide evidence (attachments, photos and/or documentation are welcome) of why your club situation should be approved. If requesting a review of anything that falls within the general description of club repair, restoration, renovation or retrofitting, the company or person responsible for the renovation should be included in the discussion. Please provide us with the names(s) of all parties involved.

The SoHG Equipment Committee will review, in a timely manner, any club or club renovation submitted for approval to be used in hickory tournament play. Requests for equipment approval should be made through the chairman of the Equipment Committee. Upon completion of the review process, the committee chairman will respond to the submitting party and will explain the decision to that person or company. The SoHG Board of Directors and general membership also will be apprised of all decisions regarding equipment approval or disapproval. This will happen via the website, the SoHG publication or the United States Postal Service.

Barring unforeseen circumstances all equipment review decisions will be completed within a 30-day period from the date of receipt of the request. The type, accuracy and completeness of information received affect our ability to adhere to the above-mentioned timeline, so please provide us with as much material as possible.