Accessories and Apparel for Hickory Golfers

Click here to visit the SoHG logo store. These include dress shirts and polo shirts for men and women as well as a basic poly duffel bag. Other items may be added as demand dictates.

 The following are preferred SoHG member-providers:

Knicker Dog – High-end slacks re-purposed for knickers. Knee socks, too. Email Scott Pilgrim at for information.

Steurer & Jacoby – High quality handcrafted leather golf bags, wooden stands, leather head covers and other leather products. Contact is 502-267-6878 or email

Vecci Fashions – Classic golf apparel – clothing, golf shoes and accessories.

Wood Duck Nation – The company offers a handmade Club Carrier of the type common to the late 1800s and early 1900s – solid oak handle, genuine leather straps, and a leather skin bag.


Other, non-SoHG member vendors of golf-related items:

Allen Edmonds – Golf shoes (high-end stuff)

Iliac Golf – High-end classic head covers and bags.

Kings Cross Knickers  – Classic golf apparel.

T. Barry Knickers – Classic golf apparel.

Elliot Bag Co. – Handmade custom leather golf bags and head covers.

Trafalgar Store – Braces, suspenders, belts, wallets and other leather goods.

Oldfield Clothing – Vintage clothing and luggage. Based in England.

Scottish Kilt Hose – Wool/acrylic kilt hose for plus-fours and plus-twos. They only sell wholesale, but list stores throughout the country where these can be purchased. as well.

Fore Ewe – Knit headcovers from Minnesota.

Belding Golf Bags – Classic golf bags.

Have a favorite source for golf apparel? Hats, shoes, pants, ties, etc.?  Let us know!  Contact Jim Davis.