The SoHG Logo Store

Welcome to the SoHG Store. This is a new venture for us, and a fund-raising one as well, at least for those items on our dedicated FullyPromoted web page.

Click here to visit the store, but please read below before you do.

We have worked with FullyPromoted, an embroidery company, to select a variety of items – dress shirts, polo shirts, sweater, sweater vest, and duffel bag – we hope will be both pleasing and useful. The company’s catalog is very large and represents many dozens of manufacturers.

There is a modest mark-up on all items. At the end of each month, will send a check, based on the mark-up and items sold, to the SoHG.

Before you order…

If in doubt about the size of any particular item, think about ordering one size up. It might be a bit roomier, but at least it will fit and you will have a baseline for future orders. There is no particular sizing chart. Items are simply offered in small through extra-larger sizes. The logo is about 3 inches in size.

Let us know how it goes and please feel free to review the items with us. We’d like to know how the ordering process went and how you liked, or did not like, your purchase. Remember, this is not a giant money-making endeavor for the SoHG. We’d just like to offer a variety of decent logo-ed items for SoHG members who want to sport the logo and show their support of both hickory golf and the SoHG.

Future items may include such products as flat caps and a new SoHG necktie.

Please note that the items shown on the FullyPromoted page are the only clothing items approved by the SoHG for its logo. The SoHG maintains full right to approve use, or licensure, of its logo. Should you wish to place the SoHG logo on an item of your making, such as head covers and the like, send your request, with a description and photo of the item, to the SoHG, care of

Return to the website’s Resources heading for links to SoHG-member companies offering a variety of hickory golf-related items from apparel to clubs, balls, and other accessories. Should you know of other items from SoHG members that you would like to see there, please let us know at the above email address.