Wear a Ribbon on National Hickory Golf Day

by SoHG
April 26, 2016

As most of you know by now, SoHG President Dave Brown lost his dear wife, Nancy, over this past weekend. Kevin Cawley, a close friend of Dave’s, has said that his group of hickory players are to wear ribbons at their May 1 National Hickory Golf Day tournament in memory of Nancy.

Kevin thought it might be a good idea to spread the word to other hickory players who are planning an outing on May 1 to do the same. “It would touch Dave in a big way,” he said.

So, if you can, a simple ribbon on the cap or shirt would be just right as you get out this May 1. Let’s show Dave this hickory golf community is with him as he pulls through this tough time in his and his family’s life.