U.S. Team Wins “Cup”

A few of the competitors in the SoHG International Hickory Cup, which consisted of a two-day Grand Hickory Match on Monifieth Links.
Lionel Freedman, organizer of the World team is at the far left. Photo courtesy of www.carnoustiecountry.com

This report is courtesy of Wendy Glass and Carnoustie Country.

Team USA Win Grand Hickory Match at Monifieth

   After two days of near-perfect hickory golf conditions on Monifieth Links, Team USA was declared the victor of the inaugural Society of Hickory Golfers International Hickory Cup (IHC), after narrowly winning by 22½ points to The Rest of the World Select’s 21½ points.

   The IHC, which was held on Oct. 9-10, followed a similar format to the Ryder Cup. However, the 22 players in the two teams were playing with traditional hickory golf clubs and dressed in outfits very similar to those worn by golfers almost 100 years ago.

   “This is the first time the International Hickory Cup has been held and the result has certainly proved just how competitive and popular hickory golf has become across the globe,” said Lionel Freedman, chair of the World Hickory Open and one of the organisers of the IHC, which was held on the Carnoustie courses of Monfiieth Medal and Monifieth Ashludie.

   “The standard of play was incredibly high and I am thrilled to congratulate Team USA on their win,” Freedman said. “And I can only console The Rest of the World Select with the fact that they might be able to obtain their revenge at the second SoHG International Hickory Cup, which is to be held in the USA in 2016.”