Tommy’s Honour Photos & Fundraising for the Homeless

GCS/SoHG member Pete League notes that the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin where the film Tommy’s Honour is showing, is donating all proceeds from box office sales on Tuesday, April 18 to Community First! Village, a project of Mobile Loaves and Fishes. This is an Austin-based Catholic charity that provides food and clothing to the homeless.

Several regional playing groups were able to attend Tommy’s Honour premiere showings in their cities. Here are photos of a few of them.

Arizona players gather for a hickory ground before watching the premiere of Tommy’s Honour.


Players from the AP National and HW Hickory Players before the premiere.


Deal Hudson and son, Chip, are right into the flavor of the film.


Enthusiastic Wyandotte Hickory Organization members collected at Cinema 20 in Livonia, Mich. for a casual dinner and the exciting opening of “Tommy’s Honour,” the newest golf movie depicting Tom Morris and Tom Morris Jr. from 1863 to 1875. The stylish group dressed in period costume which solicited a lot of smiles and compliments from many restaurant and movie patrons. The reviews of the movie from the W.H.O. were positive to outstanding. The story includes a poignant relationship between father and son. It is definitely worth the two-hour investment to take a step back in time to see old course conditions and how 150-year-old golf was played.


Players from Wisconsin were fortunate to catch the film’s opening with one of its producers, Jim Kreutzer, second from right. (An interview with Mr. Kreutzer appears in the June 2016 Bulletin of the Golf Collectors Society.)