Tis the Season

‘Tis The Season

First of all, the task of “winterizing all the Playables,” sorting and storing bags, balls and clothing;

Second, auditing all the other clubs that have accumulated through impulse, habit, and bouts of “collecting” sickness, and making an early start on New Year Resolutions to confine myself to Playables only, and a divestiture of  non-qualifiers – pausing only to weed out those of value, pecuniary or sentimental – leaving very few to dispose of!

Last, while attending to the first two chores, reflecting on the golfing year that has passed and what the future holds.

There is little doubt that hickory golf is thriving, as there are now more Events on the Calendar than one can possibly cover, and in new regions of the Country. In addition to the pleasure of old Friends without whom the chore of travel and expense for the game alone would not be justified, this past Season has brought forth more new faces than I can remember in past years, and from these new regions.

Happily, the majority of Events have made Novices welcome by giving the option to play the “dreaded” Scramble rather than suffer the humiliation of keeping score long after fingers and toes have been exhausted! If we are to continue to grow in the right way, we have always to bear in mind that the peak will not be available without a solid base.

Looking to the future, I sense that our accelerating growth will lead to better organization of our affairs, both on a national and regional basis. To cater to our growing base, each State or region will need to provide regular play at a choice of venues, while our National Organizers will wish to provide a realistic calendar for the “Keen and the Accomplished.”

As part of future interest will involve more pre-1900 play (1895 in deference to the Czar), the establishment of the National Calendar will become ever more challenging, preferably leading to fewer “national” and more “regional” events.

Most important, more playing and non-playing Ladies have been joining in the camaraderie than hitherto, and this is a trend much to be encouraged – who knows, we may see Mixed Foursome Events gracing the fairways ere long!

On this delightful note, I send the compliments of the Season to cherished golfing friends, and to hickory golfers everywhere, whether the response be accompanied with Scotch, Irish, Bourbon or Rye Whiskey!

Four Degrees