The Old School with Curt Sampson

With the sureness of a new hickory devotee learning what a James Braid approaching cleek was really meant to do, golf’s best writers are getting close to the heart of what hickory golf is all about; at least, when they care to write about hickory golf at all. Thankfully, one of the best in the business today, Curt Sampson, does care to write about it. Sampson is the author of 14 books including two New York Times bestsellers Hogan and The Masters. His latest article in Golf World (February 2014) describes his hickory golf experiences over three events, two in England, and at the Mid Pines Hickory Open this past November.

Without further blather, please click on the following for a PDF of Sampson’s article:  Sampson Old Days.pdf

It is reprinted here with the author’s permission.