Spring 2015 Wee Nip and Last Days of Hickory Shaft

Click on the image to see a full-color online version of the Spring 2015 Wee Nip.

Dear Members…

The 2015 Spring Wee Nip has also been posted to Issuu.com. This is an online publishing service that we are exploring.

The page has several ways to view the issue. Explore them to see how to view in spreads or as single pages. Click on a page to zoom in and out. Click on the little grid icon to see a gallery of pages at the bottom of your screen.

Please let your board members know what you like, and don’t like, about reading the Wee Nip online.

As of now, the link to the Wee Nip online is only being shared with SoHG members who log in to the website.

Last Days of the Hickory Shaft

Click here to read the David Hamilton article.