Results of 2017 N/S Challenge Matches

Memories, matches highlight N/S Challenge

Sept. 18, 2017
The North/South Challenge Matches – Mike Just Memorial over the Sept. 17-19 weekend was a beautiful tournament played under near-perfect conditions on as sweet a golf course as you will find anywhere. The Donald Ross Course at the French Lick Resort in Indiana was celebrating its centennial, so it was a match made in heaven, if you will pardon the pun.

There were 28 gentlemen in the field representing states from Kentucky and Virginia to Michigan and Wisconsin and more. We shall be quick about the results as the scoreboard photos below tell the story. It was a dandy, as the old broadcaster used to say, ending in as satisfactory a tie as will ever occur; appropriate for both the nature of the event and for the man it honored.

The late Mike Just, a beloved figure in hickory golf circles and beyond, was a familiar as a young golfer over this same course as he played collegiate tournament golf here. His widow, Lynn, and children, Rachel, Ben, and Emily, were on hand to lend encouragement and tell stories about Mike, which he cannot refute. No doubt he was somewhere nearby, smiling in embarrassment or wishing he could just tweak that one club… In fact, nearly all the players had stories of their own about Mike, for he has touched just about all of us in some way, either through golf collecting, club work, or tournament camaraderie.

After the tournament dinner, Tad Moore shared stores about their common work and the camaraderie they shared. Lynn Just, too, had a few words to say. She spoke about how much Mike loved the hickory golf community and worked so hard to promote it. Following a few other stories and anecdotes from others, Deal Hudson concluded with a prayer he had written in Mike’s memory, originally delivered at the World Hickory Open in Carnoustie, Scotland in 2016. It was also printed the Autumn 2016 edition of the Wee Nip.

The Just family were then presented with a painting of Mike that had been commissioned. They were very taken with the entire presentation and the honors and memories shared about the fellow they called husband and father.

What more to say? A fine three days of competition and the memory of a great friend to share our days. Enjoy the photos below.

The three-day match ended in a tie.


Rachel and Lynn Just.

The Captains. Chris Deinlein, left, for the South, and Ross Hayes for the North.

Driving off the first tee on the Donald Ross Course at the French Lick Resort.

Hamp Munsey, center, holds the painting of Mike Just presented to Lynn Just. Rachel Just is on the right, and Ben Just is on the left.