Record Field at Vintage Hickory in Washington State


Contestants at the 4th annual Vintage Hickory Invitational. Photo by Mike Dorgan

Story by AP National Golf Club

Due to overwhelming success of the Seattle Golf Show and National Hickory Day initiative, attendance and participation at the 4th annual Vintage Hickory Invitational was a new record. The event was held on the Meadow Park Golf Course in Tacoma, Wash.

A few months prior to National Hickory Day, AP National President Durel Billy had secured a booth at the Seattle Golf Show at the Centurylink Field Event Center. More than 500 people took their first hickory swings at the show and more than a dozen of them showed up May 1 to celebrate National Hickory Day and play in the tournament. Attendance increased 53 percent from 26 hickory golfers to 40 – a true testament to the success of the Seattle Golf Show and interest in National Hickory Day.

As for the tournament, the weather was outstanding and the course played true to the test. SoHG member Brian Giboney won the overall a second year in the row with a round of 75. Giboney recorded three birdies during the round.

“This was such a great event,” he said. “So many new faces in part to the Seattle Golf Show and people participating in National Hickory Day. I had not been playing very good hickory lately, but for some reason Meadow Park brings out the best in me. There is something about this course. Typically courses as tree lined as this one eat my lunch, but whatever it is about this 1915 gem – I like it. Had great conversation with my marker, Barry Field, during the round. I learned he played college football in the 1960s for the Arizona Wildcats and caught 12 passes in his career. Was a fun day out there.”

Overall scores are listed below followed by the divisional winners:

Overall Scores:

1. Brian Giboney 75 (73/T6)
2. Durel Billy 78 (68/T1)
3. Jim Everham 81 (76/T13)
4. Devin Harmala 82 (68/T1)
5. Mr. Barry Field 85 (69/3)
6. Karl Albrecht 86 (86/T20)
T7. Mr. Dennis Tom Scott 88 (74/T8)
T7. Gene Pavola 88 (74/T8)
9. Carl Bronkema 89 (79/T16)
T10. Mr. Mike Wisniewski 90 (73/T6)
T10. Bob Marlatt 90 (74/T8)
T12. Dave Simmons 91 (77/15)
T12. Steve Floyd 91 (91/24)
14. John Tepper 92 (92/25)
T15. Chris Goodman 93 (84/19)
T15. Greg Mason 93 (93/26)
T17. Mike Kemppainen 94 (89/23)
T17. Mark Terney 94 (74/T8)
19. Steve Palmer 95 (79/T16)
20. Bob Kostenbauder 96 (96/T27)
T21. Jerry T Olson 97 (79/T16)
T21. Steve Malmquist 97 (97/29)
T21. Ben Bates 97 (71/T4)
T24. Clinton Steed 99 (99/30)
T24. Tom Finch 99 (75/12)
26. Ron Mahugh 102 (71/T4)
27. Steven Fambles 105 (76/T13)
T28. Larry Borgert 106 (86/T20)
T28. Jim Dealy 106 (87/22)
T30. Tom Hogan 110 (96/T27)
T30. Greg Lunde 110 (110/31)
32. Jared Steed 113 (113/32)
33. Steve Turcotte NC (NC/T33)
33. Jayson Lunde NC (NC/T33)
33. Derek Lunde NC (NC/T33)
33. C Steed NC (NC/T33)
33. Chris Fitzsimmons NC (NC/T33)
38. Jon Shields WD (WD/38)
39. Ralph Potter WD (WD/T39)
39. Gary Hollins WD (WD/T39)

Divisional Break Down and Champions
Two-time Open Division Champion Brian Giboney Gross 75
Open Low Net Devin Harmala 68
Senior Champion Jim Everham Gross 81
Senior Low Net Barry Field 69
Novice Champion Karl Albrecht Gross 86
Novice Low Net Gene Pavola 74
Novice 2nd Low Net Clinton Steed 75
MVP Kathy Marlatt

So there you have it, the 4th annual Vintage Hickory Invitational is in the books. Participation is up, National Hickory Day was a big success, and we should all ride this hickory wave to grow the game we love so much.