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FOX Sports Golf Video of Arizona Desert Hickory Classic
April 19, 2017

FOX Sports Arizona hosts visited the Arizona Desert Hickory Classic to learn a little bit about why people dress up in odd ways to play with 100-year-old clubs – and they seem to like it! Click here to see the video.

Pete Georgiady in Links Magazine

One of our favorite authors, Bill Fields, has “done up” the Czar of the National Hickory Championship for Links Magazine. Pete Georgiady hosts the 20th NHC this year and Fields thought a story on the avid pre-1900 hickory enthusiast, author, and USGA Museum committeeman would be just right. We’re glad Links editors thought so, too. Click here to see Field’s […]

Video Captures Flavor of 2011 World Hickory Open
March 26, 2013

Lionel Freedman, chief organizer of the World Hickory Open, passed along this video for his favorite hickory golfers – all of them.

Hickory Golf Profiled on AT&T Segment
July 30, 2012

Click on the following link to get to the cable TV segment on hickory golf. The golf segment follows the baseball, which is pretty interesting, too! U-verse Exclusive: Sports: Historic Sports – AT&T U-verse

Golf Channels Morning Drive on Pros with Hickories
April 26, 2012

The Golf Channel’s Morning Drive show on Thursday a.m. April 26, had a piece about several tour players who teed up hickories for a three-hole showcase to celebrate the 100th annversary of the Zurich insurance company. Have a read at the following link: These guys definitely need to tee it up at the U.S. Hickory Open. Might give Alan […]

Temple Terrace Pro Hickory Event Makes NYTimes
February 21, 2012

It was a lovely day, it’s always a lovely day in Florida for hickory golf, and PGA pros from around the state and elsewhere traveled to Temple Terrace to test their games with wood shafted clubs. Click here to read the article.

St. Andrews Golf Co. Featured on Discovery Channel
October 3, 2011

Wonder how modern hickory clubs are made? The Discovery Channel did. They filmed the St. Andrews Golf Co. master craftsmen at their work. The hickory golf clip is the second feature in.

2011 Vermont Hickory Open Snags Media Attention
June 8, 2011

Seven Days reporter Eva Sollberger joined the field during the 2011 Vermont Hickory Open to learn all about this hickory golf thing. She and her crew did a great job with this YouTube video. It’s upbeat and fun with comments from several SoHG members and hickory players.