SoHG Unveils 2011 Championship Series & Player Point System

The 2011 Hickory Golf Championship Series is sponsored by Mountain Valley Spring Water and includes the following four events:

  1. Tad Moore Southern Hickory 4-Ball
  2. US Hickory Open
  3. The Heart of America
  4. Mid Pines Hickory Open

To add a little spice to the Championship Series (CS), the SoHG board has developed a point system based on performance that, if all goes as planned, will determine an overall winner, or winners, at season’s end.

At the conclusion of the CS, following the Mid Pines event in November, awards will be given to those competitors who have accumulated the most points in four distinct divisions – the Championship Open and Reserve and Senior (60 and over) Open and Reserve.

“We canvassed several board members for help in developing the system,” said Chris Deinlein, SoHG events and equipment chairman. “Each of them studied what golf associations in their regions do with regard to overall season champions. We’ve incorporated these ideas into a very basic system that we think will work well to identify those competitors in each division who have excelled throughout the hickory golfing season.

“As you can see, this Championship Series is similar to the FedEx Cup of the PGA. While the hickory champions will not receive millions of dollars, they will receive the accolades of their fellow competitors and recognition by the SoHG.” So, for you keen hickory competitors out there, here is a whole new way to ramp up a bit of excitement in your favorite sport. Kick things off in the right way and start earning those points by entering the Southern Hickory Four-Ball Championship. Here’s a brief overview of how the CS point system will work. The entire official point system will be published online at under “Tournament Guidelines”.

    • Points will be awarded on a descending scale from 1st place to 28th place.
    • Points may NOT be commingled. That is, a player must declare eligibility in only one division – the Championship Open or Reserve, or the Senior Open or Reserve. Points earned in one will not be transferable to any other division. Thus, a player is able to compete, and win, in only one of the four divisions.
    • If a tie exists after the final event of the CS (Mid Pines), the first tournament that each player competed in will be used for a card playoff, beginning on the 1st hole. The U.S. Hickory Open will be considered the first eligible tournament.
    • As the Southern Hickory Four-Ball is unique in that it is a team event, each partner in a winning category will receive the full point value. Each partner must declare the division he or she will be playing in.