Nov/Dec 2017 Met Golfer Story on Hickory Golf

December 2017

Our friends in the Metropolitan area of New England have been featured in the November/December 2017 issue of Met Golfer. The article’s author, Thomas Dunne, joined members of the Metropolitan Hickory Society for a round of hickory golf at Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus, N.J. Dunne had already been introduced to hickory golf a few years ago on the Kingarrock Golf Course in Scotland, a nine-hole course on the site of a National Trust estate in the hills west of St Andrews. He thought it a “one-off curiosity,” a not unusual reaction of many journalists who find themselves so often in the midst of new or unusual experiences in the course or their work.

But Dunne was invited by friends Mike Policano and Tim Alpaugh of the MHS to give it another try at Ridgewood. His article for Met Golfer describes the round. Yes he did snap off a mid iron head, and he had trouble with bunker shots, but all in all, Dunne enjoyed the experience and an “insight into a simple pleasure” that hickory golf can provide.

The magazine is 116 pages. Click here to see the entire issue.

Or click here for the five-page article by Dunne.