Mrs. Foreman’s Pub Update

Following is an update from Mungo Park, descendant of the great Park family of Musselburgh golfers, on efforts to spare the historic Mrs. Foreman’s pub from developers in the old Scottish town:


Just a brief note to say that we are still bashing away at East Lothian planners, and responding to the new drawings that have been submitted by the applicants to address some of the concerns expressed. 
I shall continue to press the argument that residential use is inappropriate on the garden site, because of the danger posed by stray balls, which would require either high netting (ugly) or course modifications (unthinkable). The most recent drawings have shown the wall remaining substantially intact, although it has been incorrectly shown at the wrong level – possibly an honest mistake, but if passed on the basis of this drawing, it mean that the applicant would have the right to take the height of the wall down by more than half, from about 2 metres high to about 900mm.
If we are successful in achieving refusal on the two current applications, the applicant will have two options, to appeal the Refusal or to think again about the use of the existing building as a pub, or they may decide to sell it on, although it is already on its third owner since the first application was submitted.
Determination dates are at the end of this month, unless an extension is granted.
I shall keep you posted.

M U N G O   P A R K 

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