Memories of Lionel Freedman

This page has been added to allow members and friends to share photos and memories of Mr. Lionel Freedman.

Click here for a post about Lionel written by his daughter, Annetta, to the Edinburgh Evening News.

Following are memories shared by Brian Schuman who forged a lasting friendship with Lionel at the World Hickory Open and through subsequent matches between visiting U.S. hickory teams and a European team captained by Lionel.

“I have some photos and a wonderful video of Lionel that he sent over as his introduction to Mike Just receiving the Tom Morris Award at the World Hickory Match Play Championship in Philadelphia in 2015,” Brian says. “Lionel was the first recipient of the Tom Morris Award at the Match Play Championship in 2014.  I asked him to present the award the following year, but unfortunately couldn’t attend so he graciously sent the video in his place.”

From left, Lionel at the World Hickory Match play in 2014; with Brian Schuman; and a poster from the 2014 World Hickory Match Play.


From left, Lionel with a U.S. hickory team after a successful match; Lionel as WHMP starter on the first tee at the Philadelphia Cricket Club in 2014.

From left, Lionel (left of center) with the contestants for the WHMP in 2014; with Brian Schuman and Mike Stevens (far right) at the 2013  World Hickory Open in Craigielaw.

At the 2016 International Hickory Cup, Lionel was unable to travel due to heath issues, so he accepted the Mike Brown Award from the SoHG via Facebook video and cell phone.  His acceptance speech was captured via cellphone video.

From Mike Stevens:

One of my fondest memories was when Lionel and I shared room in Malmo, Sweden during one of the Swedish Hickory Championships. He was stuck for a place to stay and knew I was going to the event, so he contacted me and wanted to know if we could double up. I was more than happy to oblige. Our room was tiny and the beds were more like army cots, but we had a great time staying up late each evening just talking about life and golf. He was like a wise old uncle to me and I will miss him dearly.

Click here for a tribute story published in The Scotsman newspaper.