Loss of a Loved One


These notes of ours are commonly posted to keep our  community abreast of hickory golf news. Sometimes, though, things happen that affect all of us in a way that reminds of us of how precious life is. Our good friend in Melville, N.Y., Brian Schuman, just lost his daughter, Jordan, in a car accident. A journalism graduate of the University of Miami, Jordan had taken a reporting job at a television station in Florence, S.C. She was driving from Florence to visit friends for a Christmas Eve dinner, just over the border, in North Carolina.

Please take a moment during your Christmas celebrations to remind yourself of the precious gift of time with family and friends. And please keep Brian and his family in your thoughts. Our hickory gof community is just that, an extended family whose joys, triumphs, and tragedies, are shared by all.

We are with you, Brian and Patrice, and hope you are heartened by the memory of many happy times with Jordan and the knowledge that her own journey continues in that undiscovered country of joy and peace.

As of Dec. 27, a funeral has been observed by the family. Should you wish to send cards or letters of condolence (No flowers, please),
address them to:

Brian Schuman
P.O. Box 70
Old Bethpage, NY 11804

Click here to view a video tribute to Jordan, posted by Brian.