Links We Like: Scotlands Golf Courses

This one’s a travel site with easy-to-use navigational features. The reason for the site is pretty straightforward. It’s fundamentally a golf trip planner. But, as such sites go, this is a good one.

A color-coded map of the country brings up 17 regions within which you can search for dozens upon dozens of courses. Each page offers a selection of accommodations and other info. Click on Perth and Tayside, for example and you’ll get a brief description of the area with several pages of golf courses, arranged alphabetically. Click on one of the courses, Arbroath, say, and you’ll find a page of details from the course, location, fees, contact info, etc.; a Google map, a short list of accommodations, regional weather, and so forth. All very helpful to the trip planner.

The site is the natural extension of a 1997 book by Vic Robbie called Scotlands Golf Courses: The Complete Guide. A note from the website says:

The websites sole intention is to showcase that amazing array of outstanding golf courses in the Home of Golf and to provide the necessary information for golfers around the world who want to experience or learn more about Scottish courses.

It fills this mission very well, in my estimation. One can create an account with username and password or spend time searching as guest. Most areas appear open and there is much information that, if not exhaustive, certainly approaches comprehensive.

The tab, Find Golf Accommodation, is sorted into 14 areas. Click on one for a list of lodging in the area. Some have been reviewed, many have not. You will be on your own to find other information about those places. Still, a click on the Heathmount Hotel in the Highlands, for example, shows a handsome looking lodge in Inverness with website and contact information.

A tab of Articles offers a selection of reading from Highlands Golf and Whisky to The James Braid Trail; Murfield; How to Play St Andrews; even a story on Perry Somers winning the World Hickory title in 2010. As there have been three WHO’s since then, one has to ask how current the site is. Is the information reliable?

The website is dated to 2011, latest, but the information is not long dated as travel information goes. The visitor may find the odd phone number or website has been changed. Still, a recent check by yours truly shows most info is up to date.

Other tabs include headings for golf offers, golf gear, golf videos, and travel service. It is not clear how the travel service is operated or by whom, but a free quote is offered based upon a form of information submitted by the travel seeker. The form’s questions seem to indicate that the travel supplier knows his stuff, as questions cover the group (how many, golfers, non-golfers, etc.), accommodation preferences, golf choices, and transportation information – all details that a planner would need to know. I suppose for a free quote, it’s not a bad place to begin.

As for golf travel to Scotland, well, there are several outfits worthy of discussion and review. But that’s another article.

The website Scotland’s Golf Courses is worth a look see. Good information here and well presented.