2011 Heart of America Tournament Results


Open Division Champion Chris Wiemers, left, with Dave Brown


Senior Division Champion John Hutton, left, with Dave Brown

Under beautiful – warm, but not hot – weather, the Heart of America, the third in the SoHG’s Championship Series sponsored by Mountain Valley Spring Water, came to a fine conclusion Saturday, July 30 at the Happy Hollow Club in Omaha, Neb. Chris Wiemers of Omaha, Neb. took the Open Division trophy with a sterling 74, followed by Mike Antonio, also of Omaha, with a 79. Rick Woeckner, runner-up in the U.S. Hickory Open, turned in an 80. Several others were close with scores in the low to mid-80s. Senior Division winner was John Hutton of Lakewood, Colo. with a 79. Second was another Floridian, James Max Hollen, of Lake Alfred, with 82. Jim Killips of Omaha, and David Dunigan of Lincoln, Neb., tied for third with 84. Event participants had a great tour of Randy Jensen’s Classic Golf shop and workshop. On behalf of the SoHG and the Hickory Golf Association, Rob Ahlschwede presented a beautiful silver salver to the Happy Hollow Club as a thank-you for its ever-gracious hospitality. One participant, Chris Deinlein, SoHG president, called the event just “great fun.”

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Results Open Division

Chris Wiemers 74

Mike Antonia 79

Hap Pocras 80

Rick Woeckener 80

Dave Brown 81

Josh Fischer 81

Kevin Cawley 82

Bill Geisler 83

Gary Swensen 83

Griff Evans 84

Chris Deinlein 87

Nate Evans 89

David Gamet 90

Terry Easton 91

Breck Speed 91

Terry Pitts 96

John Speed 106

David Nelson 108

Tony Tubrick 108

Results Senior Division

John Hutton 79, net 71

James Max Hollen 82, net 65

David Dunigan 84, net 69

Jim Killips 84, net 74

Daris Doughman 89, net 81

Dale Hallock 89, net 77

Willie Engelson 90, net 69

Eric Wagner 91, net 77

Rob Ahlschwede 92, net 78

Mike Enich 94, net 74

Russ Fisher 94, net 74

Duane Baylor 95, net 76

Bill Reed 96, net 76

Dick Shanahan 96, net 82

Mike Austin 97, net 79

Kelvin Berens 97, net 93

Bob Brady 101, net 86

Don Kavalek 102, net 82

Tom Heiken 103, net 83

Ron Luster 103, net 83