Heart of America Continues to Please

The 39th annual playing of the Heart of America Hickory Championship was played at Bright-Grand View GC in Des Moines, Iowa, July 15-17.  Grand View is a 1902 design where nothing has changed except the trees, which have gotten taller and bigger! As usual a larger number of intrepid hickory golfers turned out for the event. They came from Colorado, Texas, Nebraska, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, and Iowa once again proving that if Bill Reed hosts it they will come.

As usual a great time was had by all golfers from super seniors (we prefer to call them “Statesmen”) to high school age golfers. A trade show was held Friday and Saturday evening, with social hour and great food each evening at the club. The Saturday evening raffle generated over $450 for the sign that will honor all Region 7 GCS members at the annual GCS conference in the Poconos; and for a contribution to the “Wee Ones,” a charitable fund for the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.

Sad to report but no ladies competed this year.  However, many ladies did grace us with their presence at the evening social and banquet.

There were a number of tournament competition divisions.  The winners in each division are as follows:

Open Division
First Place   Gary Youngberg  143
Second Place   Jacob Johnson  156
Third Place    Eric Metzdorf  167

Open Reserve Division
First Place    Joe Bodnar     134
Second   Scott Johnson   140
Third   Larry Krebsbach   157

Senior Open Division
First Place   Mike Harding   144
Second   John Hutton     155
Third   Robert Fletcher   166

Senior Reserve
First Place   Mark Larson  126
Second   Denny Olson  137
Third   Mike Pishlo  140   (won score card playoff against Chris Hardy and Ed Ronco)

Statesman  Open Division
First Place  Max Hollon  165
Second  Kelly Gay  171
Third  Bill Reed  173

Statesman Reserve
First Place   Peter Herrington  140
Second   Lloyd Slinglend  142

Scramble Team event:
First Place    Fisher, Piffer, Watson, Overton     122
Second    Baylor, Luster, Copple, Ausen      131
Third    Palar, Townsend, J Reed, J McKenzie    133

Next on the Region 7 rota are the Iowa Hickory Classic in September and the Fontenelle Hills invite in October.


Open Division winner Gary Youngberg, left, with tournament director Bill Reed.


Green-shirted men from the Wyandotte Hickory Organization in Michigan had a great time at the event. From left are: Ed Ronco, Mike Pishlo, Bill Reed, Lloyd Slinglend, Randy Condit, and Joe Bodnar.


Social hour conversations. This one included Peter Herrington, left, Ron Luster, and Larry Krebsbach.


Raffle items donated by Ron Luster, Bill Reed, and Duane Baylor.