Grey Skies No Impediment to Fun at Last Hickory Bash

Dear Hickory Friends,
Thank you to Marius Kucinas, Eric Hoadley, Frank Coffman, Alan George, Jeff Browning, Chris Hardy, Denny Lane, and Tim George for braving a brisk day at The Last Bash last week. From the first toast to dinner that evening, it was a fun day with good friends.  The outing was at the Metamora Fields golf course in Metamora, Ill.
Thank you again to all,
Denny Lane and Jeff Browning

Please reserve April 18, 2015, for the next Honorable Company of Hickory Golfers outing.

PS: If you’re interested in a Honorable Company of Hickory Golfers sweater or in having the logo embroidered on any item, get in touch with Denny at