GCS National a Hit in Las Vegas

   The GCS National Championship was held on Nov. 15 on the Angel Park Golf Course in Las Vegas, Nev. About 74 golfers turned out for the event on a beautiful day under cloudless skies with cool weather. Open Division winner Jacob Johnson, 18, (show below at right) is the most recent recipient of the GCS young member grant program. He and his father, GCS member Scott Johnson, live near Dallas, Texas. The event was Jacob’s first with hickories and he got a shaky start going triple bogey, double bogey. He then shot the next 16 holes 2 under to finish with a brilliant 75.

Here are the results:

GCS Championship Results
Angel Park Golf Course, November 2014

Steel Division
Medal Winner: Peter Yagi – 77
Medal Winner: Gayle Crosby, 97- net 80
Second: Holly Butler, 102- net 72
Third: Sari Simer, 111- net 78
Hickory Division
Women’s Division
Medal Winner: Kimberly Haley, 90- net 72
Second: Roberta Robbins, 109- net 82
Scramble Division
First Place: Kenn Looten, Frances Zinger, Mark Lux, Ralph Wagner, John Roth
    Team Score 63
2nd Place: Randy Crow, Mike Germaine, Bob Gettis, John McMurchy
    Team Score 66
3rd Place: Duane Baylor, Rives McBee, Patti Pittenger, Gary Proctor, Jeff Wu
    Team Score 68

Statesman (70 & over) Division
Medal Winner: Paul Biocini, 76
Second: John Berggren, 81
Third: Matt Nelson, 82

Statesmen Net –
Winner: Russ Fisher, 67
Second: John Sweeney, 74
Third: Kelly Gay, 74

Senior Division (60 & over)
Medal Winner: John Hutton, 78
Second: Chris Ream, 78
Third: Rick Phinney, 79

Senior Net –
Winner: Ed Ronco, 68
Second: Bern Bernacki, 69
Third: Galen Peterson, 69

Open Division
Medal Winner: Jacob Johnson, 75
Second: Jack Crosby, 78
Third: Ben Plaunt, 78

Open Net –
Winner: Scott Staudacher, 67
Second: Dick Anderson, 69
Third: Javier Rodriquez-Zapatero, 72