ForbesLife Magazine Highlights Modern Hickory Golf

The September 2011 issue of ForbesLife features a story on hickory golf by James Dodson, a Pinehurst resident and author, who was introduced to the game at the 2009 Mid Pines Hickory Open. Tad Moore, Ken Holtz, Dr. Jay Harris and Mid Pines owner Kelly Miller are among those who guided Dodson through the nuances of niblick through jigger and driving irons. Though one could take issue with some of Dodson’s dates, (he dates the revival of hickory golf to the 1994 NHC, – this writer feels it is much earlier) he nonetheless writes informatively and with an agreeably companionable spirit. Click here and have a read. It’s a fine article and we thank Dodson for his honest approach and always excellent writing. The ForbesLife article will do much to encourage other golfers to give hickory golf a closer examination.

(ForbesLife is not available on newsstands, it is a subscribers-only magazine.)

Dodson is the author of “Final Rounds,” “A Golfer’s Life” and “Ben Hogan: An American Life” among other books and articles.