Chilly Temps Don’t Faze AAHO Winner Simer

   The 2014 All American Hickory Open was contested on May 16-17 at the Rock Island Arsenal Golf Club. This year marked the coldest AAHO to date with first day tee times starting in high 30F to low 40F weather. The first day of the tournament was marked by Jacob Smith’s long drive victory with a 163 yards. While the drive was short for gutty standards it should be noted that the morning had received rain, the weather was in the low 40s and players were facing a very strong headwind.
    While the weather seemed to affect the long drive championship it did not seem to affect Steve Simer, who opened up a strong lead posting a 79. A score, it should be noted that has only been matched three times in the history of the All American Hickory Open.
    Fortunately better weather prevailed on Saturday with temps returning to the 60s. Thirty-two players in the field and all of them in good spirits and play reflected the better weather and the chance to walk home with a medal. The Open Division came down to a very tight battle for first place between Steve Simer and defending champion, Ernie Ernst. At one point on Saturday, Ernie had closed Steve’s six stroke lead to a single stroke, but a missed putt and a timely 3 helped Steve regain his lead and close out the day. Brilliant play by two great players.

Open Division
1. Steve Simer 161
2. Ernie Ernst 167
3. Jacob Smith 177

    The Senior Division was dominated by Dr. David Brown who ended Friday with a five-stroke advantage over the field. Doc Brown increased his lead on the field on Saturday playing a nearly flawless final round and bettering his Friday round by three strokes.

Senior Division
1. Dr. David Brown
2. Dr. Joe Guerrard
3. Mark Larson

The Open Reserve Medalists
1. Marius Kucinas
2. Dave Gamet
3. Daniel Nordstadt

The Senior Reserve Medalists
1. Dennis Olson
2. Jim Koss
3. Frank Rosenzweig

Team Champion Medalists
1. Russ Fisher/ Ramesh Gupta/ John Piffer/ Clayton Copple
2. Chris Hardy/ John Comsamus/ Bill Phinney
3. Bill Reed / Chris Palar/ Frank Coffman / Kevin Kasperik

    The Post-1900 Champion for the second year in a row was Randy Renaud.

    A special thanks to Todd Fowler, the head professional at the Rock Island Arsenal Golf Club, one of the oldest golf clubs west of the Mississippi and one of the oldest 18-hole pre-1900 golf courses in the USA. Without their hospitality none of this would be possible. An invitation is extended to all of you who would like to join us at Rock Island Arsenal in 2015. Please send any inquiries to