Bobby Sly the 2015 NHC Champ

By Pete Georgiady

   Thanks for All the Help!

   First, a big thanks to the Greenbrier for hosting the 18th National Hickory Championship. Golf Manager Burt Baine has been extremely helpful in the planning for this event and Doug Fox has put in long hours and done a fantastic job of being our venue manager. Hats off to both of them as well as Michael, Rob, Joey and Steven for their assistance and being great grillmasters.

   The Greenbrier also hosted the Thursday evening reception with the lasagna supper, and Burt, THANKS for bringing over Lee Trevino.

   Next, another big thanks to American Beer Company for their generosity in providing the voluminous supply of really delicious Yuengling products. The unexpectedly hot days only made those beverages taste all the better. Thank you Shirley and Jennifer Runyon. Get your games ready, you’re playing next year!

   Click here for full results.

   Thanks to:

  • The Justs and Louisville Golf Co. for the Foursomes prizes
  • Dave Gamet, Jim and Renee Thomas for being members of the NHC Con-sumer Products Acquisition Committee, helping the Czar do the Walmart shopping at 7:00 AM.
  • Ross Snellings and his niece Caroline Hamlett for bringing authentic Geor-gia sausage dogs, again.
  • Greg and Ann Smith for delivering delicious Wisconsin sausage and cheese, again.
  • Kilty, for bringing the Pacific smoked salmon
  • Andy Just, John Crow Miller for leaving bottles of premium quality Bour-bon for all to sample.
  • Dave Brown for being the ball man when we desperately needed to reload.
  • Terry Thompson for arranging the spotters, again.
  • The junior intern members of the field, Seth, Gillian, Marsalis, Andrew, and Garrett for the tasks they did to aid in the operation of the Championship.
  • L.B. Fowler for being our Number 1 fan and providing encouragement and “comfort.”
  • Leif, Georg, and Claes for making the journey and taking the NHC story back to Sweden. You are part of the NHC family now. Return any time.


Pete Georgiady and Lee Trevino.

Three countries at Oakhurst: Leif Einarrson (Sweden), Pete Georgiady (USA), and Bob West (Canada).