Article on Hickory Golf in Texas Avid Golfer Magazine

Dec. 7, 2017
From hickory enthusiast Scott Pilgrim of Sachese, Texas near the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area, comes notice of an article in Texas AVID Golfer Magazine, similar to the Metropolitan article in New Jersey. Here’s Scott’s note and a link to the story.

A lot of great things going on down here, including a Houston tournament in the works for the first weekend of February (come down and get out of the snow!) by Michael Sloan. As you may remember, Eli Jordan of AVID Golfer Magazine, came out to play his “maiden hickory voyage” at Cedar Crest a few weeks ago. Please enjoy his wonderful article to document and share his experience in this month’s December issue, a fabulous promotion of the hickory game! The article begins on page 49.       

Visit the full website at:

Eli, I think I speak for everyone in extending a HUGE “THANK YOU”…first for sharing your fellowship/friendship with those of us who had the pleasure, experiencing the wonderful essence of the hickory game, and publicizing the opportunity for others to do the same. Please come and play again soon. The “second date” is always better, as she really begins to get comfortable and smiles come more easily!