2018 NHC Moves to Ohio

Pete Georgiady has announced that the 2018 National Hickory Championship will be played June 7-9 at the Mound Golf Course in Miamisburg, Ohio.

The Mound GC is a 9-hole municipal course belonging to the City of Miamisburg (which has separate 18-hole course nearby). It was laid out as a WPA project in 1936, which does not constitute a gutty pedigree, admits Georgiady.

“Its designer was Alex “Nipper” Campbell who came to the U.S. from Scotland in 1896, later replacing Willie Campbell at The Country Club, Brookline, Mass. upon Willie’s untimely demise in 1900,” he says. “The course has the feel of a gutty course, designed by an auld line Scotsman, and will play nicely for our event.”

The course is about a mile and a half west of the now-defunct Holiday Inn Holidome in South Dayton, Ohio, on Hwy. 725. This was the site of many January winter trade shows hosted by Golf Collector Society members Bob Kuntz, Andrew Crewe, and Gary Wyckoff. (This show is now held in Columbus and is scheduled for Jan. 26-27, 2018.)

Georgiady notes that the City of Miamisburg is celebrating its bicentennial in June next year and the NHC will be part of the celebration.

Full details will be available later but now is the time to mark your calendar.

Feel free to contact Georgiady should you have specific questions. He will have printed information at the GCS meeting at Southern Pines in November and entry packets will be sent via email in early January.

Email nhc-golf@earthlink.net or phone 419-709-9746.