2017 Onion Creek Results

A good field of more than 40 gents made the trek to Austin, Texas this March 23 for the Onion Creek Hickory Classic. Held on the legendary Onion Creek where the Legends Tour began, the event is always a cause for celebration. From the golf to the trade show and evening banquet, the overriding theme is a good time with good friends.

Organizer Pete League had the idea to institute what will be called the “Vardon Jacket” for the winner of the championship division. It is a green jacket with the Onion Creek logo on the pocket. Past winners who return will find themselves wrapped in one of these beauties. Last year’s winner, Jeremy Wright, was given one. But in the limelight this year was Houston’s own legendary hickory golfer, Mark Wehring, who turned in a two-day 154 for the victory.

As too few Canadians were on hand for a balanced Swift Trophy Match – the raucous Ryder Cup-style contest between the U.S. and Canada – a few of the U.S. fellows were granted a one-day Canadian “green card.”

“Despite subsequent grousing that the Canadians had captured the cream of the U.S. talent, I have it on good authority that the loaning actually lowered the average handicaps of both teams,” said Hal Coward, a proud Texan.

The Canadian side promptly put a good Texan hurtin’ on the U.S. boys, winning the Swift Trophy by 17.5 to 6.5. Ouch. No matter, a few celebratory brews and all was forgotten.

Click here for a PDF of the results of the tournament.
Below are the Scramble Division results, which did make it into the PDF above.

First Place
Bill Reed, Des Moines, Iowa; Vince Arriaga, Austin, Texas; John Ausen, Urbandale, Ill.;
Russ Fisher, Des Moines, Iowa      69 + 61 = 130 (net 109)

Second Place
Tom Hughes, Heath, Texas; Ron Lyons, Edmonton, Alberta, Can.;
Ryan Galloway, Edmonton, Alberta, Can.      64 + 66 = 130 (net 110.66)

Third Place
Rives McBee, Irving, Texas; Scott Pilgrim, Sachese, Texas; Mike Myrick, El Paso, Texas;
Kirby Mask, San Antonio, Texas        61 + 65 = 125 (111.25 net)

Fourth Place
Johnny McMurchy, Edmonton, Alberta, Can.; Max Hill, Austin, Texas;
Ron Groves, Austin, Texas        72 = 64 = 136 (112.66 net)

Fifth Place
Donnie Jones, Austin, Texas; Frank Haught, Austin, Texas; Rob Marchese, Austin, Texas;
Paul Romero, Austin, Texas      62+ 59 – 121 (117 net)

The 2017 Onion Creek Classic was another great show to add to the appeal of what is becoming an all-time classic hickory event. Below are a few photos from the tournament, courtesy of John Berggren.

Bob Fletcher poses among the fleet of the visiting Lone Star Model A Ford club members who like visiting at the same time the hickory golfers come to Onion Creek.

The Canadian side, with the temporary True North citizens holding their “green cards” with pride.

The Green Card given out, with all due ceremony, by the starter on the day of Swift Cup Matches.

This Onion Creek foursome included Bill Geisler, left, Dan Chand, Dave Dickman, and Doug Brossman.

Jeremy Wright with the new “Vardon Jacket” that shall be awarded to winners of the Onion Creek Hickory Classic. Wright was a past winner. Mark Wehring, this year’s winner, also found himself wearing one of these great jackets.