2017 Member Renewals… and Beyond

Membership renewals are now due for most of us and there have been a few changes with our new website that have made things easier to manage.

For one thing, we can now manage our own passwords. As well, the website will notify us two weeks in advance of our membership expiration date. For those who fail to heed this dire cautionary note and renew immediately, a second – and final – notice will be sent a day before their membership expires. We do not wish to harass and feel that two notices are quite enough.

From that time onward, no more reminders will be emailed, but whenever you log on, you’ll see that your account has expired. You can renew anytime after that.

The whole point is, please renew when your membership expires. You can renew a bit early and the system will still keep your next year’s expiration date.

To renew right now, just click here to pay by credit, debit card or PayPal. (This method is easiest for all concerned.)

– OR –

To pay like they did in the hickory era, just send your check for $35 made out to the Society of Hickory Golfers to:
Walter Bills, Treasurer SoHG
624 Detroit Ave.
Royal Oak, MI 48073

Why renew?
The Society of Hickory Golfers counts on the support of its members – YOU – to keep things going.

We got a lot done this year, from a new website, to an enhanced U.S. Hickory Open experience, to updated Bylaws, and a greater partnership with the Golf Collectors Society. All of this was accomplished by volunteers who see in hickory golf a worthwhile pastime in the company of some very fine people.

Members in Washington State kicked off a National Hickory Golf Day, which the SoHG supported and publicized. High school teams and First Tee programs promote the sport. Young stars such as Grayson Giboney are giving the game a boost. The World Hickory Open had another high profle win from Sandy Lyle. And, more and more we see professionals in exhibitions trying out those hickories. They are figuring out what we already know, that hickory golf restores some fun, art, and skill to the game.

It’s a good time to be playing hickory golf, to be learning about the sport, to wonder how those clubs operated and how to work on them and with them.

Your membership helps the SoHG keep this energy moving. And, for gosh sakes, it’s only 35 bucks a year to renew. Your niblick cost more than that.

Please renew for 2017. It’s gonna be a great year!