2017 AGS Bandon Dunes Match Play Invitational Results

Match Play rules day for players in Auld Golf event at Bandon Dunes

May 28, 2017 – Bandon Dunes, Oregon
By Chris McIntyre

Sponsored by the Auld Golf Society and playing by AGS guidelines (that being antique clubs, replica golf balls, 7-9 clubs in a set), 20 players enjoyed auld golf at its finest over the weekend of May 27-28 2017.

The theme was to imagine attending the a golf outing circa 1917 and to play the game as close as possible to what was the common game of the day – match play.  To make it interesting organized, Chris “Auld Mac” McIntyre created a system of foursome “Pods,” establishing an opportunity to have five pod winners after two full rounds of golf. Each player played nine-hole matches with the other three players, then a final 9-hole match with the two players having the most wins and points playing it out for the win.

The field at the 2017 Bandon Dunes Match Play Invitational.

Of course, the ball was played “down” on the entire course, including the greens. No marking the ball as in modern golf, and the stymie was part of the game. There were only a few instances requiring some re-routing, most notably Ken Holtz deftly lofting a pitch over his opponent’s golf ball and into the cup!

It should be noted that in 1917 (and throughout the entire hickory era) the first “Rule of Golf” is quoted as The game of golf is played by two sides. Stroke competition was reserved for country club Medal Days and Championships. Match play was the game played by most golfers on a daily basis.

Participating golfers gathered at the wonderful Bandon Dunes practice area with Auld Mac as their guide to the past. “Clock Golf” and a croquet-like putting course – with vintage hoops, tunnel, and a bridge – were set-up for the players to score their best, with prizes presented for the lowest scores.  A big hit with players was “Shorty’s” nine-hole practice course, which they played with loaned 1890s irons and gutty golf balls.

The Clock Golf winner was Karl Nagy with 18 strokes around the game.

The Putting Course winner was Ernie Ernst with 15 strokes around the game.

And the Gutty Golf winner was Erik Beer with a fine 30, his very first experience with clubs and golf of that era.

As fun as those games were, all were looking forward to the grand golf awaiting on two of Bandon’s fine courses -– Old Macdonald and Bandon Dunes. The day greeted us with comfortable 60 degree temperatures, overcast skies, and a light breeze. At the practice area, the Vintage Image Studio provided props and old-time camera for capturing player photos and the look and feel of an earlier time. With Auld Mac as photographer, individuals, foursomes, and the group were captured for posterity in a sometimes humorous, but very vintage feel.

The tournament was most enjoyable for everyone. A number of players hired experienced local caddies who were provided plus-fours, stockings, and big-apple caps. Each caddie was presented a vintage-look caddie badge as a memento of the event.

The players were provided vintage-look brass contestant badges, hand-forged wrought iron divot tools, and reproduced three-legged rubber “Triloth” tees.

A rousing dinner at the Gallery restaurant and awards luncheon at Macdonald Hall were grand finishes to golf, and many good times were had at the Cigar Lounge and McKee’s.

As to the awards:
Pod 1 Winner – Erik Beer
Pod 2 Winner – Karl Nagy
Pod 3 Winner – Chris McIntyre
Pod 4 Winner – Steve Malmquist
Pod 5 Winner – Rudy Kastlic

The Auld Golfer Overall Award was presented to Eric Beer, winner of the Gutty Challenge & Pod winner of Group 1, all single-digit players.

Thanks to Bandon Dunes Staff, and all who assisted in making this a fantastic event! – Auld Mac

Bandon Dunes

Deal Hudson through the vintage camera lens.

A group of “1917” players awaits the challenges of Bandon Dunes.


Auld Mac (a.k.a. Chris McIntyre) hauls up from the past for a presentation on pre-1900 golf.