2014 World Hickory Open Shares Video of Past Play

Thanks to Lionel Freedman and Brian Schuman who both sent the video below. It was prepared by the Carnoustie Country agency in Scotland that is charged with promoting that area of the U.K. to visitors. Not surprisingly, they have taken a strong liking to Lionel and the World Hickory Open, which has, for the past several years, played the WHO on Carnoustie courses such as Monifieth, Panmure, and Carnoustie.

The SoHG is taking over an international team this fall to play matches with the fellows across the pond. The dates also will likely mesh with an opportunity to play in the WHO. Whether you are on the SoHG international team or not, a chance to visit and play in the WHO is a must on your bucket list.

Enjoy the video and visit the WHO website at www.worldhickoryopen.com.