Swedish Hickory Championship

Hans Jagenburg Hickory Course
Borås, , Sweden
8/6/2016 – 8/7/2016

Tournament Information

If there is thing we know in the hickory golf world, the Swedish hickory golfers rock! These players are among the best and most enthusiastic in the world, devoted to their sport, and among the most hospitable people anywhere.

The annual Swedish Hickory Championship with an average or more than 100 golfers, sometimes topping out at 150, is probably the biggest in the world. Tomas Johansson, president of the Society of Borås Hickory Golfers, is more than pleased this prestigious tournament is coming to his club for 2016.

The Hans Jagenburg Hickory Course of the Borås Golf Club is named after a member of the club to honor his many years of devotion both to the club and to hickory golf. Borås itself dates to 1933 and its first holes that were laid out by a legendary Swedish golfer named Erik Runfeldt.

If you can, put this event on your play list this year. For one thing, you get to visit Sweden – enough said! For another, you get to play golf at Borås and while there maybe try some of the other great Swedish golf courses in the land. You’ll find out where they are.

Email inquiries to SHM2016@borasgolfklubb.se

Click here to download a PDF of information for the 2016 Swedish Hickory Championship.