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10 Stages of a Duffer’s Round

“As dogs to wanton boys are we to the golf gods, they tease us for their sport.”Paraphrasing the great Shakespeare, from King Lear There is, in this wonderful game we love, room for everyone. It is a democratic pastime that denies no one the opportunity for embarrassment or, equally, ecstatic triumph. From ragged caddies to silver spoons, public links rats […]

Ralph Livingston III 24-Ball Salute

You can see the YouTube video at the following link. RL3 24-Ball Salute   The photo gallery on this page shows pictures from the observance at the Kingsley Club. They were taken by Kevin Livingston, one of Ralph’s younger brothers and, in fact, the one who introduced Ralph to photography. The first three show the 24-ball salute, the fourth shows […]

Ralph Livingston III Was Modern Hickory Golf Pioneer

“Hickory golf is a challenging sport. If you don’t like the challenge, go take up putt putt golf.” Ralph Livingston III was nothing if not passionately devoted to the game he embraced in the early 90s. His research into authentic hickory equipment and their relationship with the golf course architecture of the time led to ground-breaking theories of the game’s […]

Courses for the Hickory Soul – Highland Park Golf Course

Alabama’s Highland Park Golf Course is the home of Tad Moore’s Southern 4-Ball Hickory Championship. It’s been a popular choice as some 70 players were in the field for the 2012 contest. So, why do they like it so much? The course, the oldest in Alabama, was established in 1903 as the Country Club of Birmingham. The country club had […]

Links to Explore – The United States Golf Association Can’t imagine why this site hasn’t been covered here earlier. Perhaps it was just too obvious, or perhaps we are just too busy with hickory golf and the USGA whispers not a word of such activities on its site. Nonetheless, the website of the reigning and governing body of modern golf in the United States is worth bookmarking for […]

The Ladies!

From “The Golfer”August 1903 Being a Toast at a Golfers’ DinnerBy William Shaw Mr. Chairman, and Gentlemen: “In spring a young man’s fancy fondly turns to thoughts of love. That may be with the fancy of the ordinary young man – the young man who does not golf. But in the spring the fancy of the young golfer turns fondly […]

Correspondent for August – Observations From the Links

At a recent Hickory Event, my group was kept in the field for more than six hours on a very hot day – at least two hours too long to be kept from the bar! In this case the main reason was given as interloping golfers jumping in at various holes between the Tournament groups – a not uncommon hazard […]

Hickory Golf Profiled on AT&T Segment

Click on the following link to get to the cable TV segment on hickory golf. The golf segment follows the baseball, which is pretty interesting, too! U-verse Exclusive: Sports: Historic Sports – AT&T U-verse  

Tony Smarrelli Putts Way to 2012 U.S. Hickory Open Title

Following two days of heated – it was 97 in the shade – competition, Pinehurst resident Tony Smarrelli, 62, emerged as the 2012 U.S. Hickory Open champion.   Tony Smarrelli is shown far right with Breck Speed, CEO of Mountain Valley Spring Water, sponsor of the Society of Hickory Golfers’ Championship Series. This photo, and the photos in the gallery, […]

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