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Video Captures Flavor of World Hickory Open

Lionel Freedman, chief organizer of the World Hickory Open, passed along this video for his favorite hickory golfers – all of them.Here is the URL that Lionel sent to view the video. Copy and paste into your browser. Or just click on the link. Enjoy.

Pinehurst Resort Shares Video of MVHO

The 2013 Mountain Valley Hickory Open moved to mid-March and chose the Pinehurst Resort No. 3 course as its venue. Good choices according to all who participated. Alex Podlogar, content and social media manager for Pinehurst Resort, shared the following link to two videos prepared by the resort on the MVHO. Enjoy.

Wisconsin Golf Magazine Features Hickory Group

News of hickory golf just keeps building. Regional groups are spreading the word just through regular play. Bill Ernst shared the following link to a story from, the online magazine of the Wisconsin Golfer. It’s from the March 26 edition. Enjoy.

Quebec – The Early Years

Quebec, founded in 1608, was the center of the French empire in the new world. New France, as it was called, controlled the St. Lawrence River and everything upstream to the west. It was based upon the fur trade and the rival English traders were no match for the French voyageurs who explored far to the west of the Great Lakes […]

A Hundred Ways of Pleasing

There is something in the modern hickory golfer’s soul that sets him apart. While it could be a simple streak of inherited eccentricity, or a misalignment of certain DNA strands, there is, it seems, a commonality of dissatisfaction with modern golf. Certain it is that modern golf is the direct descendant of Allan, Old Tom and others before them, but […]

Hickory Courses We Love to Play: Mid Pines Golf Course

Mid Pines. Don’t know why this hickory favorite hasn’t been mentioned until now. The venue for the Mid Pines Hickory Open in November and this year’s scene of an earlier playing of the Mountain Valley Hickory Open, Mid Pines is a 1921 Ross course of just-right traditional architecture. The Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club, just across Midland Road, followed […]

Andrews Takes First CS Title of 2013

Roger Andrews continued his winning ways, wrapping up the Mountain Valley Hickory Open with a two-stroke victory over Ben Hollerback and Tony Smarrelli on the No. 3 course at the Pinehurst Resort in Pinehurst, N.C. Andrews, of Jenks, Okla., won the 2012 Championship Series this past November on the Mid Pines course in neighboring Southern Pines. Richard Grula took the […]

Florida Outing Has 1920s Miami Flavor

  Hickory bliss amid the palms By Hugh Menzies (Editor’s note: SoHG member and Metropolitan Hickory Golfer founder Brian Schuman thought it might be fun to invite a few pals down to warmer climes for a resurrection of the grand golfing life with a 1920’s flavor. Hugh and Enid Menzies accepted Brian’s invitation and enjoyed their stay in lovely Miami. Hugh […]

Hickory Courses We Love to Play: Kilspindie Golf Club

It was 2004, my first golfing trip to Scotland. The agenda included foursomes at Musselburgh, at match with the members of Dirlton Castle and the Scottish Hickory over Gullane 3. There was also another round, one at Kilspindie between Gullane and Musselburgh along the East Lothian coast, that was as enjoyable as anything that memorable trip. Wonderful springy turf, lovely […]