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John Sherwood on the Financial Times Website

To see the Financial Times article, please click on the following link: John Sherwood article. Excerpts from Chicago Tribune LifestylesJune 4, 1995“Golfers In For The Long Drive”By Mark Mandernach   “John Sherwood loves collecting golf memorabilia. In fact, he loves it so much he came all the way from Canterbury, England, for the fifth annual Midwest Golf Collectors Trade Show, held […]

Video Captures Action at Mountain Valley Hickory Open

Edmond Brooks IV shot a bit of video at the MVHO which he posted to YouTube. Great choice of Scott Joplin music to accompany the action. Catch the video at  MVHO Video or watch it below. In addition, pictures will be posted to the website: under “Photos” in the “SOHG” folder. Thank you, Edmond!

Worlds Top Players to Compete in Inaugural World Hickory Match Play Championship

    A field of 32 of the world’s best hickory golf champions are to take part in an inaugural match play event June 16-18 on the St. Martins Course of the Philadelphia Cricket Club in Philadelphia, Penn., USA.  The event, sponsored by the U.S. Hickory Players Club and the Metropolitan Hickory Society, is the result of dinner table conversation […]

2014 Board Candidates

    2014 Candidates for the Board of DirectorsSociety of Hickory Golfers   Dear Members,The election for three new board members runs from April 1-30.Voting will be open from April 1-30. SoHG members will be sent a ballot via email for on-line voting.   Barbara Kopec   I was born and raised in the heart of the Adirondack mountains in upstate […]

From the Archives – March 2014

This, this first issue of Golf Illustrated, launched with the best of intentions. Editor Max Behr noted in his Foreword that “there is a demand for a magazine which will give, not only the best of reading and illustration, but reflect in its appearance a dignity in keeping with the high esteem and love which golfers have for their game.” […]

Member Profile – Christoph Meister

Christoph Profile.pdf  

February Fever

   There is, they tell us, the scientists tell us, in the lack of sunshine and long winter days, a dearth of necessary hormones generated by the nervous system. Scant exposure to sunlight deprives the functioning nervous system of endorphins or melatonin or something. Anyway, it all adds up to a certain madness of long enforced indoor imprisonment that has […]

Links We Like: Scotlands Golf Courses

This one’s a travel site with easy-to-use navigational features. The reason for the site is pretty straightforward. It’s fundamentally a golf trip planner. But, as such sites go, this is a good one. A color-coded map of the country brings up 17 regions within which you can search for dozens upon dozens of courses. Each page offers a selection of […]

SoHG Annual Budget Statement 2014

Dear Members, The Society of Hickory Golfers will annually publish a budget statement on this Members Only portion of the website. Please feel free to contact any one of the Board members with any questions or concerns. The budget may be found by clicking on the following link: SoHG 2014 Budget.pdf