Louisville Golf Offers Three New Clubs



Louisville Golf offers a new driver, bulldog and jigger. The driver is a replica of Jeanie Deans, the club Bobby Jones used in his Grand Slam year of 1930. It has 12 degrees loft. The bulldog was a trouble club of the hickory era, named for its short nose, compact size and rounded sole. It has a persimmon head, 25 degrees loft and 391/2 inch shaft. The jigger was a short game club often used as a chipper. The Louisville Golf offering is modeled after an Hamp B. Stewart Maiden design. It has 30 degrees loft. All clubs are approved for play by the SoHG. For information and pricing, call 1-800-456-1631, or visit www.louisvillegolf.com.



Bulldog 1000 Golf Club









Jigger 1000 Golf Club






Clubs are available for purchase here: Lousiville Golf