Championship Series Point Totals


(Note: The Point Totals sheet shows the top 15 in each category on the first page. Succeeding pages show totals for all qualifying players.)

Click here for a PDF form that can be used by tournament directors to help their qualifying SoHG players earn CS points.

The SoHG Championship Series (CS) point system was developed to help determine an overall winner, or winners, at season’s end. It is a performance-based system.

At the conclusion of the CS (the U.S. Hickory Open in 2016), awards will be given to those SoHG member/competitors who have accumulated the most points in three distinct divisions – the Championship, Senior (60-69), and Super Senior (70 and over). Points are automatically tallied for Open and Reserve categories within each division. Awards will be announced each year at the Mid Pines Hickory Open.

Points will be awarded on a descending scale from 1st to 34th place; from 400 points to 4 points.

Points may NOT be commingled. That is, a player must declare eligibility in only one division – the Championship, Senior, or the Super Senior. Points earned in one will not be transferable to any other division. Thus, a player is able to compete, and win, in only one of the three divisions. After a player declares his division, he may not change divisions during that year.

If a tie exists after the final event of the CS (the USHO), the first tournament that both players competed in for that season, and their total score for that tournament, will be used to determine the winner.

As the Southern Hickory Four-Ball is unique in that it is a team event, each partner in a winning category will receive the full point value. Each partner must declare the division he or she will be playing in.

Points toward the CS Championship will be selected from each player’s four highest tournament point totals. For example, if a player were to compete in all five CS events, the four events in which he/she earned the most points would be used to determine his rank in the CS points listing.

cs_award_pointsIn the box at right:

Event Finish is where a competitor places for any given event, 1-34.

Point Award is the point total awarded to that finish.

Percentage of 400 is the percentage of 400 possible total points awarded to that finish placement.

So, if you finish first in a CS event, you’ll win 100 percent of 400 possible points. If you finish in 34th place, you’ll receive 4 points, or 1 percent of 400 possible points.

(Note: Open is often called the Championship or Gross division. Reserve is often called the Handicap or Net division.)

NEW (August 2015)
Many tournament directors have asked how their events might qualify for CS points. Not everyone can travel to the current schedule of CS events. So that more players have an opportunity to earn CS points, the SoHG tournament committee has developed a method whereby SoHG members who play in qualifying events (minimum number of players) might earn CS points. Click here for a PDF form that can be used by tournament directors to help their qualifying SoHG players earn CS points.

Events that have already qualifed as CS Points Event tournaments for 2016 are the Onion Creek Hickory Classic, the Arizona Desert Hickory, and the Wisconsin Hickory Open. Check the tournaments listing on this website for information on those events.

For questions about the point system, contact Chris Deinlein at
Current results are shown below.

A PDF of earlier Championship Series Point totals can be downloaded by clicking the following links:

2011 Final

2012 Final

2013 Final

2014 Final

2015 Final

2016 Final

MPHO = Mid Pines Hickory Open
SH4B = Southern Hickory Four-Ball championship
BHO= Belvedere Hickory Open
USHO = U.S. Hickory Open

Qualifying events for reduced CS points*
AZDH = Arizona Desert Hickory Championship (two-day event)
OCHC = Onion Creek Hickory Classic (two-day event)
WHO = Wisconsin Hickory Open (two-day event)
NSHO = California North/South
GHC = Gearhart Hickory Classic
GSHO = Gamble Sands Hickory Open

* Based on a minimum number of players in the field:
Two-day events qualify for half the number of CS points awarded at “majors.”
One-day events qualify for a quarter of the number of CS points awarded at “majors.”
SoHG members are awarded the points based on their finish in the tournament.