Guidelines for SoHG Tournament Medals

SoHG Medal Policy (Revised as of 05/12/2011)

Purpose: This policy is developed to provide consistent standards for the use, availability and awarding of SoHG medals for hickory tournament competitions. The medals are intended to be awarded for performance only.

Background: There are a variety of hickory tournament competitions conducted around the world on a regular basis and it appears as if the number of competitions is increasing. Although the SoHG has positioned itself as the authority on hickory tournament competitions and has issued tournament guidelines and equipment standards, many tournament directors either ignore or only partially adhere to these guidelines and standards.

This policy is intended to increase the number of hickory tournament competitions conducted under the SoHG
tournament guidelines and equipment standards. There are currently four categories of hickory tournaments:

  1. SoHG has conducted hickory tournament competitions such as the U. S. Hickory Open. These tournaments are conducted by tournament committees designated and overseen by the SoHG Executive Committee.
  2. SoHG affiliated hickory tournament competitions where a committee designated and overseen by the SoHG EC works alongside tournament officials who plan a hickory tournament that adheres to the SoHG tournament guidelines and equipment standards. Examples include the Southern Four Ball, The Heart of America and the Mid Pines Hickory Open.
  3. SoHG sanctioned hickory tournament competitions where the SoHG Executive Committee is assured by the tournament director the SoHG tournament guidelines and equipment standards are being adhered to. Examples of this category could be the the C. B. Macdonald Tournament and the National Hickory Tournament.
  4. Other hickory tournaments where SoHG tournament guidelines and equipment standards are ignored or only partially utilized.

Policy Discussion: The SoHG has worked with one of the world’s leading medalists and engravers, established in 1826 in Edinburgh, Scotland to develop a tournament medal die, proprietary to the SoHG. This die is used to strike SoHG tournament medals in gold, silver and bronze, with the capability for suitable engraving to identify the tournament and divisional details. Three medals are awarded at the SoHG conducted U.S. Hickory Open in the various divisions: gold for the champion, silver for the runner-up and bronze for the third place finisher.

The SoHG shall also empower and encourage tournament directors conducting SoHG affiliated hickory tournament competitions to purchase through the SoHG these medals for their tournaments. The SoHG Executive Committee may also authorize the purchase of these medals on a case-by-case basis and upon application by the tournament director after certifying his/her intent to conduct a SoHG sanctioned hickory competition.

SoHG medals are not authorized for other hickory tournaments under category 4 above.

Medals should be ordered at least four weeks prior to an event to enable accurate engraving and shipping. The cost for the medals, which will come in nice display boxes and includes engraving and air mail delivery, is $35-40 each. Prices are estimates, and subject to change primarily due to exchange rates. Mark Wehring is the SoHG representative that will facilitate your order. He can be reached at 713-214-1629 or by email at A PDF order form for the medals can be downloaded here.