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Playing Hickory Golf

Randy Jensen

Airlie Hall Press; First edition (June 2, 2008) ISBN-10: 1886752230

Playing Hickory Golf, by Randy Jensen is an A to Z compilation of everything you need to know about the wooden instruments of yesteryear and their use in today's hi tech era. There is probably no better person for such an undertaking than Randy. His prowess in the hickory arena is widely known and his knowledge of the wood shaft clubs is extensive. This book will certainly be a nice addition to any collector s library especially if you can obtain a signed copy from the master himself. It is well written and organized nicely with good illustrations throughout. Even the seasoned collector or hickory player will find items of interest in the book whether it is how to obtain the best clubs for play, methods of repair, playing tips or best places to play hickory golf. Those of us who play in several of the annual tournaments will certainly enjoy the chapter on Randy s favorite hickory golf experiences, especially those who have competed with him directly. My favorite portion of the book involved the stories of Oakhurst and the National Hickory Championship. I have been there for every championship and have witnessed many of Randy s retellings firsthand as well as being on the receiving end of his hickory prowess. For wood shafted aficionados, Randy s book will be a nice trek down memory lane. A nostalgic journey we ll all cherish and preserve in our collection of mementos from the game we love. But it is more important than that, because it is not just a history lesson, it deals with keeping a tradition alive and thriving in the present. I hope that this book will find its way into the hands of people who might be intrigued enough to give hickory golf a try. Maybe more people will find what we hickory players have discovered in the joy of a well struck cleek or the thwack of a solid drive. Mike Stevens National Hickory Champion 2005 --Golf Collectors Society Bulletin, June 2008