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Wanted – Gibson Niblick, (description of item), contact John Doe, 555-555-5555, or email

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Aug. 15, 2014
FOR SALE – Large collection of approximately 100 wood shaft clubs – woods, irons, putters. Looking for $2,000. Contact Stuart Gerber at
Aug. 24, 2014
WANTED – 3 and 4 irons, RTJ, by Tom Stewart. Contact Joe Guerard at
Aug. 27, 2014
FOR SALE – Nice start to a playable women's set.  Pro Iron (a higher end brand from MacGregor) Mid-Iron, Mashie-Iron, and Mashie-Niblick.  All re-pinned and epoxied.  Original grips with fancy wrap in supple condition.  Clubs marked "L" and stamped with Chas. D. Koontz (head pro at Shrine Club in Lincoln, Nebraska) - $90.  Contact Erik,
Sept. 4, 2014
WANTED – Good, playable brassie. Hickory shaft, no cracks, leather grips. Contact Ray Tokareff at
Sept. 8, 2014
New Knickers along with the socks and hat. Never worn – wrong size for me. Pants are 42 reg. waist. Light brown (from T. Barry Knickers Co.) Socks are one size fits all. Hat is 7and 1/8 in size. Light tan. Asking $300 for the set. Pics can be sent if interested. Contact Vern @ 905-551-4055 or